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Welcome to
our Sustainability Hub

Putting Evidence into Practice

Welcome to our Sustainability Hub, where we share how we are becoming a more sustainable, positive impact business, and how we connect the communities we serve with the knowledge to do the same.

Supporting Horizon 2020 and UN Sustainable Development Goals

For Earth Day 2022, we put together a collection of articles supporting the Horizon 2020 missions and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Implementing behavioral change in the fight against climate change.

Although people are indeed concerned about climate change, a report from the Kaiser Family Foundation and The Washington Post says they are not likely to take action on it.


F1000 Climate Action Gateway - supporting the rapid and transparent sharing of climate change research

The F1000 Climate Action Gateway brings together all content published on F1000Research related to climate change.

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"We’re thrilled to have gained CarbonNeutral publication certification across our printed products. Building a more sustainable supply chain and reducing our absolute carbon emissions are important priorities for us, and this certification reflects continuous improvements made over several years."

Annie Callanan, Chief Executive, Taylor & Francis

SDG Publishers Compact – our first year

Our Sustainability Manager, Catherine Hodgson shares an update on our progress with the SDG Publishers Compact. Catherine talks about how we have progressed with our work towards fulfilling the compact since January, and what the next steps are as we head into the final months of 2021.


Taylor & Francis achieves CarbonNeutral® publication certification

We are proud to achieve CarbonNeutral® publication certification from Natural Capital Partners, the leading experts on carbon neutrality and climate finance, in line with The Carbon Neutral Protocol.


Making progress with FasterForward

Our sustainability program FasterForward, includes a range of ambitious activities between 2020-2025 that will ensure we become an ever more sustainable, positive impact business.


Publishing Declares

We are proud to be a founding signatory for Publishing Declares, a five-point pledge designed to raise awareness of the sustainability issues most relevant to the publishing industry; to aid the discovery of existing tools and resources and to inspire action that results in sustained behavior change.


Evidence Week 2021 - the basis of public support for climate policies

Sound evidence in policymaking is essential. Our collaboration with Sense About Science for Evidence Week 2021 discusses our research on the basis of public support for climate policies. This event offers the chance for researchers, community groups and parliamentarians to communicate and discuss ideas surrounding science, evidence and policy, helping MPs to gain the tools needed to better scrutinize scientific evidence for policymaking.